Esther Nelson

Esther Nelson

Owner, Luxury Lotus Spa


Esther Nelson is the owner of Luxury Lotus Spa that provides facials, nails, waxing, and body treatments. During the pandemic, she worked closely with the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC) for help to apply for grants and COVID Impact loans including the City of Tampa Relief Fund, PayPal, EIDL, and PPP loans. In addition, her TBWBC counselor provided guidance on her business plan, her presence on social media, and expanding her services from brick-and-mortar into new virtual platforms.  As a result of the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program, Ms. Nelson gained confidence as an entrepreneur and will publish her first book in October 2020 entitled, The Ultimate Self-Care Guide to help women feel beautiful inside and out.

Soheila Imani

Soheila Imani

Owner, Studio 210 Salon


Soheila Imani is the owner of Studio 210 Salon and has been a client of the Tampa Women’s Business Centre since April of 2020.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Soheila was required to completely shut down her Salon for a period and subsequently reduce the number of customers in her salon to comply with CDC guidelines.  Through the business coaching services offered by the Tampa Bay WBC CARES Program, Soheila was able to get the help she needed to successfully apply for, and receive, a PPP Loan and a Hillsborough County R3 grant.  Thank you Sohelia for reaching out to us and congratulations!

Terry White

Terry White

Owner, Cashew Brittle by Son'ni Boi & Petal, Inc.

Terry White is the owner of Cashew Brittle by Son’ni Boi & Petal, Inc., a gourmet handcrafted cashew brittle candy company. Their mission is to create delicious treats with all-natural ingredients that customers find unforgettable. Terry contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre to help her with marketing and branding initiatives. The expert business coaches at the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre guided her through a rebranding process that resulted in an increase in revenue. She opened a stand on the St. Pete Pier that has broadened her footprint and enabled her to expand her product line. New products have been added since her inception and her customers return time and again for her delicious cashew brittle. She also expanded into catering, adding a new revenue stream. She is grateful for the support of the Tampa Bay WBC for the guidance on developing new opportunities and brand expansion. To learn more, visit:

Bridget Richwine
Avail Financial, LLC

Specializing in health insurance, Avail Financial helps their clients shop for health care, dental,
vision, disability and life insurance through their one-stop carrier shopping services. As an
advocate, they provide support and unbiased guidance to help clients save money on health
insurance premiums and maximize their benefits. Bridget contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC) seeking guidance in completing a business plan, website content, working on her pitch and improving her overall confidence.

Bridget shared “My business coach walked through components of a business plan and the importance of goal setting. She encouraged me, shared her knowledge, and challenged me with homework. It was so nice to have someone
so positive and confident in my success.”
The business increased as a result of the help she received through TBWBC. Bridget was able to complete her business plan, publish the website and perfected her pitch. In addition to the business coaching, she also attended monthly networking meetings via Zoom as well as one of the Mastermind events. Bridget also shared “the TBWBC gave me the knowledge and
confidence I needed to leverage my business. I am very grateful to the TBWBC for the tools and
opportunities they provided to help me succeed.” Thank you to Truist Bank for providing a grant to help female entrepreneurs grow their business. To learn more about Avail Financial, LLC, visit:

Dr. Alicia Wooldridge 


Dr. Alicia Wooldridge started Lakeland MD in 2022, a direct primary care (DPC) practice nestled in the heart of Lakeland, Florida. The practice provides personal, high-quality care for a cost-effective monthly fee that includes significant savings that have been negotiated with Imaging Centers (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, Mammograms, and more), Clinical Labs (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel,
Cholesterol Panel, Urinalysis, and more), and Medications (acute care, chronic medications)
through our partner pharmacies. Overwhelmed by the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and not getting website traffic or exposure for the practice, Alicia contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC) for help. After working with one of our coaches, Alicia shared “I was paired with a fantastic TBWBC business coach who is a SEO master. She who helped me understand the technical side of the back end of the search engines and algorithms and social media; how it all is  connected to create a presence for your business on the internet. After working with my coach and improving my SEI knowledge, more patients found me through increased ,patients found me online due to exposure and traffic on my social media sites.” Thank you to TD Bank for the grant to help female entrepreneurs succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures. 

Libby Creagh

Essential You Yoga

Libby is an independent yoga instructor who contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Center (TBWBC) when an opportunity presented itself for her to open her own yoga studio. Libby needed help to plan out what she would need to be able to open her own brick and mortar

location. Her goal was to individualize the practice of yoga so that each person received the most benefit and was able to find mindful meditation, breathwork and sound healing at the studio. As part of her sessions with a business coach, she was able to update her business plan and extend her profit and loss projection to three years. She was also encouraged to network and get

the word out about the business. After working with one of our business coaches, Libby shared: “Thanks to the help I received from my coach, I was able to learn more about how to lay a foundation for success and make the most use of the opportunity of an empty space for my new studio. It was a leap of faith to move into a physical location, and the TBWBC gave me the confidence I needed and really helped me see all the things that were in my favor.”


To learn more about Essential You Yoga, visit:

Jorgie Franks Bells

Jorgie Franks Bells

Owner, Jorgie, Inc.


Jorgie Inc. is a service-based company that supports and serves introvert and ambivert entrepreneurs by helping them use relationship building and authentic connections to increase their sales and grow their business.  At the height of the pandemic, Jorgie Franks-Bell lost all but two of her clients because her major source of income was generated from in-person events. Under the guidance of TBWBC team, she focused on pivoting her business into new revenue streams which resulted in an increase in her sales from $1,500 to $6,000 per month. With the help of the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program,  Ms. Franks-Bell was provided with excellent branding guidance and assisted her with the application process for the EIDL and PPP loans.

Nichole Lancaster

Nichole Lancaster

Owner, V-Line Spa


Nichole Lancaster is the owner of VLine Women. Prior to Covid, all of her sales were from retail locations. The pandemic caused a steep decline in her retail sales due to the closure of spas which carried her line of products. She contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre to help her pivot and launch an e-commerce line. Most of her sales were from retail locations and she needed to transition online. With the help of her business coach from the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, she applied for the EIDL loan and received $29,000 and the PPP loan, which she received $9,000. Her business coach also helped her with goal setting, timelines and accountability to her business goals. Nichole is grateful to the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program for helping her to navigate her business during the pandemic.

Deanna Joliff

Deanna Joliff

Owner, Total Compass Care, LLC

Total Compass Care, LLC provides the highest quality of assisted living options for adults faced with medical health care problems. Deana Jolliff, the owner of Total Compass Care, created the company from her experience in the health care industry, her own personal battle with epilepsy and her personal experience with providing care for family members.  Ms. Jolliff shared, “My staff and I attended a networking mixer hosted by TBWBC and made a lot of connections. The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre was instrumental with developing our business plan. With the help of our business coach, we wrote the business plan, submitted it to AHCA and obtained our agency license”. The one-on-one business coaching sessions helped Ms. Jolliff understand the components of a business plan and provided other ideas for business expansion. Total Compass Care, LLC recently opened a new community living home.

Michelle Leoni

Michelle Leoni

President, Howard Printing & Co-Founder of Howard Machining

Michelle Leoni is the President of Howard Imprinting Machine, manufacturer of hot stamping machines and the Co-Founder of Howard Machining, a company focused in providing CNC precision machining services. Due to the challenging times of the pandemic, Michelle reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre for assistance with marketing initiatives and financial guidance through the Tampa Bay WBC Cares program. Working closely with her business coach, she applied for LISC Small Business Relief (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) and the Hillsborough County assistance program where she received $20,000 besides many suggestions to improve advertisement and marketing strategies.

Sabine Juste

Sabine Juste

Owner, Sabine's Gout Creole


Sabine Juste is the owner of Sabine’s Gout Creole, a takeout restaurant made up of the finest Haitian Cuisine coupled with many traditional American favorites, located in Tampa, Florida. Despite being a takeout restaurant, Sabine Gout Creole experienced a drastic drop in sales at one point as a result of the pandemic. The advice of her business coach helped Mrs. Juste to build confidence, create a vision for her business and develop marketing initiatives through UberEats, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. As a result, her profits increased and she was able to apply for COVID-19 Relief funds such as PPP, EIDL Advance, and the One Tampa Relief Fund. The Tampa WBC CARES program provided Sabine with the necessary guidance she needed during the pandemic.

Lesley Young

Lesley Young

Owner, Greyline Media

Greyline Media is a full-service production company with a goal to deliver a superior quality product to their clients. Owner/Producer Lesley Young said the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (WBC) has been a tremendous resource as I’m learning to grow in my new business. Not only has she put me in touch with influential women in the industry, but she has also challenged me to think outside of the box when it comes to business.” Young said the WBC offers a wide range of connections to put any female entrepreneur on the path for success.  Whether it’s book recommendations or providing an owner with valuable resources to grow, rest assured has your specific needs in mind when offering solutions.” 

Myiesha "Mya" Cato

Myiesha "Mya" Cato

CEO, Meeyogi

Myiesha “Mya” Cato is the CEO of Meeyogi, a Tampa-based yoga company offering events and private sessions. As a result of the pandemic shutting down her studio, Mya reached out to the Women’s Business Centre in Tampa. She said: “It was perfect timing to partner with a business counselor at the WBC. Our 1-on-1 mentoring helped me navigate through the unknown. The business has made it through one of the most difficult periods ever. We have acquired more funding, more partnerships, and a new business model as a result of the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program”.

Dominique James

Dominique James

Owner, Press Playy Rolling Video Games

Press Playy Rolling Video Games is the hottest entertainment option available in Central Fl. With SEVEN high-def TVs, custom stadium seats & the newest video games, their high-tech game truck is perfect for up to 24 guests to enjoy a birthday, church gathering, corporate event, karaoke night and so much more.

Dominique shared that The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (WBC) was a tremendous help, “I speak to my business coach every 2 weeks who keeps me accountable and provides knowledgeable experience on the steps I should be taking as a business owner.”

With the support of The Tampa Bay WBC CARES program, Dominique completed her registration as a minority-owned business; received economic relief from the EIDL, and gained insight into how to market and promote her business.  As a result of the economic relief and mentoring Dominique is able to Press Playy on her dream.

Danielle Sweet

Danielle Sweet

Owner, Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness

Danielle Sweet is the owner of Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness, a yoga studio and massage spa that provides a safe environment in a spiritually grounded setting for people interested in growth, healing, and community. Ms. Sweet purchased a non-essential business during the wake of COVID-19. Due to safe social distance protocols, she had to limit their capacity by 25%, which dramatically affected her revenues.

The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre was instrumental in helping Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness generate new sources of income and collaborate with other businesses such as its new massage partner, Healing Handz & Body Work.  The business coach expertise in social media assisted Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness to grow its following and drive new clients to the business. This was made possible due to the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program.

Tashima Johnson

Tashima Johnson

Owner, TJC International

Tashima Johnson is the owner of TJC International and has been a client of The Women’s Business Centre since May of 2020. TJC International launched in 2017 and provides a platform for small business owners to network and showcase their products. The COVID-19 pandemic made hosting in-person events all but impossible. Tashima reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre CARES program and was able to get the help she needed to obtain an EIDL and a local Hillsborough County grant. Thanks to the WBC CARES Program, Tashima has been able to sustain her business throughout the pandemic. 

Betty Papadakis

Betty Papadakis

Owner, Best Choice Cleaners


Betty Papadakis is the owner of Best Choice Cleaners and has been in business since July of 2019.  Betty came to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre in April of 2020 when the pandemic began in need of help.  Betty was experiencing a significant reduction in revenue because many of her customers no longer needed their clothes cleaned as frequently.  Best Choice Cleaners was in desperate need of funding to maintain the staff and keep operations afloat.  The Tampa Bay WBC CARES program was able to connect a business coach who  connected helped her to obtain a PPP loan to pay her employees and an EIDL loan to help stay current with her everyday expenses.  The coaching also enabled Betty to develop a pandemic strategy to continue operations and protect her business.

Crystal Jurewicz

Crystal Jurewicz

Owner, Crystal J. Productions


Crystal Jurewicz is the owner of Crystal J. Productions Inc. and has been in business since August 2020.  Crystal J Productions Inc. provides voice-over services for radio and television marketing.  Crystal came to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Center in the middle of the pandemic knowing exactly what she wanted to do but needed help executing her plan.  As a result of the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program, Crystal was able to connect with a business coach who guided her to through the steps of writing a business plan that gave her a viable and profitable business model to make her business become a reality.  Congratulations Crystal and we look forward to “hearing” from you!

Sara Jones

Sara Jones

Owner, Bricks & Bubbles

Sara Jones is the Owner of Bricks & Bubbles janitorial services. Her company specializes in cleaning co-working, event, and luxury office spaces over 20,000 square feet. Since working with the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC), Sara’s business has made great strides. Amid the pandemic, Sara was able to win a new contract from a local business with 6 locations. She also pivoted her business by offering virtual walkthroughs. Sara’s coach guided her through solving a difficult staffing problem. She was able to promote two team members giving her more time to focus on serving clients, mentoring staff, and engaging new customers. Sara is also a member of our Mastermind Group, where she has been able to meet with like-minded business owners, share incites, and find solutions. “Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to see that your problem isn’t as difficult to solve as it may seem to you in the moment” Sara says. Join us in cheering Sara on and celebrating her success!

Sonya Jennings

Sonya Jennings

Owner, Healing Handz & BodyWorks


Sonya Jennings is the owner of Healing Handz & BodyWorks and has been a client of the Women’s Business Centre since December of 2019.  Sonya was new to the Tampa Bay area when she started her massage therapy and body stretching business and needed help with marketing and establishing a new client base.  The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Center was able to help Sonya with networking and marketing and as a result Sonya has been able to successfully live out her dream owning and operating her own business.

LeeNor Dikel
Life Coach 

LeeNor Dikel is a life coach, author, and founder of “Life With LeeNor”.  She specializes in NLP coaching, mindfulness, hypnosis, and mentorship. In order to get started, Leenor met with a business coach from the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre who was instrumental in helping Leenor register her business. Her business coach also helped her to create a business plan, that helped her identify her niche, develop a marketing strategy in order to attract new clients. Since working with us, LeeNor has been able to expand her business to attract clients from all over the world. In just a short amount of time, she was able to become fully booked! To enhance her business skills, Leenor participated in the TBWBC Mastermind Group. Expert business coaches provided the Mastermind participants a forum to share current business challenges, provide a forum for accountability and discuss trending topics. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and share resources with other entrepreneurs. LeeNor describes her experience in the Mastermind Group as “life changing”.

Rachel Logan

Founder & Owner,  The Equity Experience

Rachel Logan, PhD started her public health research consultancy during the pandemic. She came to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre seeking help starting her business after COVID-19 caused another job opportunity to fall through. Thanks to the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program, Rachel was connected with a business coach who helped her get her business off the ground. Rachel’s coach helped her find solutions to problems, developed processes and systems, and provided encouragement. She also assisted her with asking for fair prices on contracts, negotiating terms, and advocating for herself. Rachel shared that her coach is “empathetic and serves the role of coach and cheerleader” for her.

Rachel’s business, The Equity Experience, LLC works with researchers and clinicians at academic institutions and community-based organizations committed to improving the health of historically marginalized communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, and people of color. “Having access to a dedicated mentor with knowledge and expertise, along with the resources at WBC was invaluable.” With her coach’s guidance she found more ways to promote herself and business in her unique field and already has contracts.

Melody Mendoza-Auslander

Founder & Owner,  La Betri by Fili-Piña

 Melody Mendoza-Auslander is the founder of La Betri by Fili-Piña, a luxury athleisure company. Her patented leggings with an attached “Joey Pouch” combines function with fashion. For months Melody jumped from one networking event to another hoping to find a thought partner for her new journey as a fashion designer. She was fortunate to come across the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre where she was connected with a knowledgeable business coach. Melody’s coach worked with her to develop a business plan and transfer her goals into a project plan. This allowed her to organize her schedule, prioritize projects, remain accountable, and eventually launch La Betri.

“One great thing that I really loved about working with Tampa Bay WBC is the relationship and trust that you build over time. They were there during my low moments when I needed encouragement or a simple push or when I needed a cheer leader saying everything is going to be fine. I am so thankful to the The Tampa Bay WBC for being part of my journey to launch La Betri.”  Learn more:

  Breanna Browning

Founder, The Cookie Monster Cookies

Meet Breanna Browning, Founder of The Cookie Monster Cookies.  Breanna is a self-proclaimed cookie lover who decided to turn her love for cookies into a business. Starting out, she sold her monstrous, 5 ounce, 5-inch cookies at farmers markets. When the farmers markets were forced to close during the pandemic, she knew she needed to pivot to stay in business. Breanna contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre and was connected with a business coach. Breanna’s coach helped her brainstorm ideas to generate more sales and better brand her business. The Tampa Bay WBC CARES program was able to provide Breanna with guidance on the PPP application process. As a result, she received a PPP loan.  Breanna was also contracted as a vendor for the Tampa Super Bowl LV to provide cookies for frontline workers. Today you can find The Cookie Monster Cookies at local pop-up shops or online at

Gloria Toomer
Owner, Glo Hair Lounge

Gloria Toomer is the owner of Glo Hair Lounge in Tampa, a full-service hair salon. Glo Hair Lounge is dedicated to transforming the everyday woman and provides a personable experience. During the pandemic Gloria was forced to close for more than a month. Even as things were permitted to open back up, she still faced the challenges of limited capacity, reduced hours to accommodate homeschooling her children, and the expenses of buying extra cleaning supplies. In the face of these obstacles, Gloria felt overwhelmed. She turned to the Tampa Bay WBC where she was connected with a business coach. Gloria’s coach helped her refocus and set weekly goals. Some of the things they worked on were financial literacy, implementing efficient business practices, delegating work tasks, and planning for future business Endeavors. In addition to acquiring new clients and increasing revenue, Gloria also received a PPP loan with the help of her coach. All of these services were able to be offered to Gloria because of the Tampa Bay WBC CARES program. We are also pleased to share that Gloria has since launched a new line of hair care products. “After Glo Hair Collection”,  a vegan friendly line of products to maintain healthy hair.

Marisol Adkins
Owner and Designer of Sonera Design

Meet Tampa Bay WBC Success Story Marisol Adkins! She is the Owner and Designer of Sonera Design, a fashion brand serving petite women. As a self-proclaimed introvert, Marisol found it challenging to promote her business. She wanted to focus more on marketing and increasing sales but felt overwhelmed as a solopreneur. She looked to the Tampa Bay WBC for some guidance. We were able to connect Marisol with a business coach who has a background in fashion, and together they went to work!

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with a business coach, all of her coaching and direction has made a huge impact in my life as an entrepreneur.” -Marisol Adkins

Marisol’s coach has helped her increase brand awareness, update her website, and develop a business plan. She coached Marisol on how to prioritize tasks as a solopreneur and how to reach new customers. Marisol has since increased her presence on social media and boosted her number of subscribers. 

Christi Slaven
Owner & Head Coach Profesor Posture

Christi Slaven is the owner and head coach of Professor Posture. She created her business as a form of posture therapy that offer an alternative holistic way to relieve chronic pain and improve movement by engaging in exercises that correct a person’s posture and gait. She helps clients re-establish their correct balance of mobility and stability.

The business was less than a year old, and Christi had yet to find a business plan that she felt was thorough enough to give her a good direction to go into the second half of 2023. Acquiring a minimum of three new clients per month was her goal, but she had no idea of how to go about obtaining them as not many people are aware of posture therapy.

Christi shared, “The TWBC business coach was very patient when I was confused and encouraged me when I got stuck on how to proceed next. She provided me with a business plan template that helped me to move forward with my planning goals. My coach shared ideas about how to increase my exposure to build brand awareness.” As a result, Christi was featured on a segment on Bloom TV, a local news program on WFLA-Channel 8, (NBC) in Tampa, FL. This experience provided Christi with the opportunity to share her message with hundreds of people who never would’ve encountered Posture Therapy. It helped to increase her brand exposure and interest in Posture Therapy. To learn more, visit:


Kaidy & Karol Solesky 
Owners, Nina Nieves 

Kaidy Solesky and her sister, Karol, are the creative minds behind Nina Nieves, a family-owned luxury brand crafting outerwear with quality fabrics. The brand’s introductory piece, the cape, is timeless yet modern creating the ultimate statement piece.

They opened their business in the height of the pandemic, forging ahead fearlessly facing obstacles like delays in production, increases in fabric costs and production costs, shipping difficulties and getting their voice heard in the crowded e-commerce world.

Their big win was landing an investor with significant funding that will allow them to further market their business and increase inventory, opening the possibilities to expand their line.

With the help of their WBC coach, they refined their business plan, prepared for meetings with retailers for wholesale, lowered their production cost and added products to their line.

“As a new business owner, we didn’t know what to expect. We went into it blindly with big dreams and our expectations were very high. We explained situations that we viewed as a loss, she would come at it from a different perspective and make us see it as wins. She not only helped with our business, but with our self-esteem as business owners. We knew we were on the right track.”

Learn more:

Jecoliah ‘Cola’ Perkins
Owner, Array Bookeeping Services

Meet Jecoliah Perkins of Array Bookkeeping Services – a Tampa Bay WBC Success Story! Array Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping firm that provides bookkeeping and consulting services. Owner, Jecoliah ‘Cola’ Perkins, contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre to help her bring more awareness to her business as well as gain more clients. By working with her business coach, Jecoliah was able to reassess her business plan, set short- and long-term business goals, grow her social media platforms and increase her networking skills. “My business coach guided me on how to set up email campaigns for potential clients and helped me with negotiating. Besides the coaching, the Tampa Bay WBC also helped me and my business via their informative business webinars as well as the Mastermind class. The Mastermind class was very insightful and helped me change my perspective on how I market my services”.

Thanks to the Wells Fargo grant for providing funding to the Tampa Bay WBC to provide entrepreneurial services, Jecoliah was able to obtain 3 new clients, bring more awareness to her business via my social media platforms, networking outreach and email campaigns.

 Learn more:

Diane Tedesco 
Owner, The Tea Party Company

 Diane Tedesco, Owner, The Tea Party Company. The Tea Party Company is a small business in the Tampa Bay area offering custom services for social events, parties, and gatherings for personal and professional enjoyment. COVID-19 brought a halt to her business as events for the year were cancelled. While 2021 is still slower, there are changes and it is getting better. With the help of her Tampa Bay WBC coach, Diana is forging ahead. Her business plan has come to life, and she continues to hone and work on it guiding her to success. She no longer feels like she is running in circles and understands how a business runs. Diane now understands the revenue streams, costs and profits, the financial side of the business.

When asked how she benefited from the business coaching from the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, she stated, “Fantastic! I benefited not only from my wonderful coaching sessions but also from a variety of webinars. I am deeply thankful, and I think it is an extremely valuable service to the women entrepreneur community of Tampa Bay!”  It is through the support of the WBC CARES grant that we were able to assist Diane in her business that was affected by COVID.

Learn more:

Monicaa Guerro 
Designs by Moni 

Monica came to the Women’s Business Centre with an idea and art work, since that time, she has turned this into a thriving business. With a background as an Art Historian, Monica knew how to create art, but did not have the knowledge or experience to open a business. She illustrates business cards that are whimsical and fun.  She needed someone to guide her through the process of opening a business and found it was overwhelming for her.

The Wells Fargo grant enabled Monica to work with a business coach who helped her put her ideas in order to get the business started. Monica was inspired by the help she received for her first event and show, she exceeded her sales goals and was able to use it for her future marketing.

“I would like to thank the Women’s Business Center for providing me the help I needed to open my business. I felt so nervous and overwhelmed, and now I feel confident that I can do it—I can keep improving and be better each day. I will continue to be in touch with them for webinars and workshops.”

Learn more:


Jessica Stempien
Rooted in Process

Rooted in Process works with businesses and organizations to engage employees, boards, partners and volunteers by facilitating meetings, public engagement processes and strategic planning. The business was impacted by COVID-19 when this went from in person to virtual events, creating quite the pivot and the journey.

While Jessica has a background in business and public service, she found she needed help in understanding the financial aspects of her business from P&L statements to financial projections. She also learned how to identify her target market segment with meaningful content and identify additional revenue streams that resulted in 70% increase in sales for her business.

Thanks to the Wells Fargo grant, the Tampa Bay WBC enabled Jessica to participate in the MasterMind  program and the one-on-one coaching sessions.  “It was very easy to get involved. The MasterMind group was fabulous and I loved that it was full of women just like me. My coach was a great accountability partner. There was no stress or pressure at any of our appointments. I was very encouraged by the end of our sessions.” 

Learn more:

Laura Zarrate

Owner, Athena CPA’s and Advisors, LLC

We are proud to highlight Athena CPA’S accomplishments for their work as a premiere accounting firm. They seek to disrupt the financial industry by empowering and educating female business leaders with financial, accounting and tax tools. Athena CPA strives to build generational wealth for their clients through strategic solutions that break the barriers of the industry. Their business was impacted by Covid-19 and they had to switch from in-person meetings and retreats to online using new collaboration tools. There were growing pains during this process.

Through working with their business coach at the Tampa Bay WBC, Athena CPA has been able to reach new heights. “My coach helped me to figure out the sticky parts of my business strategy, which was really hard for me to look at because I felt fear of uncertainty to the highest level. She was a wonderful motivator and guided me in my business plan to focus on my target market”. By honing their business strategy, they have been able to embrace their calling to extend their inspirational work to other female entrepreneurs through education and professional support. Thank you Wells Fargo for the generous grant to assist female entrepreneurs to find success during and after the pandemic.  

Learn more:

Erica Green
Erica’s Armoire

Erica Green is the owner of Erica’s Armoire, an image consulting and styling business. Her mission is to help clients and brands bring their vision to life using style, fashion, creativity, and the written word. Erica contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC) in search of assistance with starting her very first business. The TBWBC was a tremendous help in guiding her towards the steps to bringing her business to life. From creating a business plan to registering her LLC and answering every question in between. Erica shared, “Not only was I able to complete the business plan and receive an “unofficial grade of an A” doing so, but my coach also provided me with the confidence to believe my business would be successful no matter how small it may start.” Thank you Erica for trusting us to bring your vision to life!

Learn more:


De’Nicea Hilton Harper
Teas of Perfection

De’Nicea Hilton Harper is the owner Teas of Perfection. Her brand was founded in the principle that everyone can benefit from the spiritual, emotional, and mental health properties of herbs and flowers in the form of tea. The pandemic caused her in-person business to close.  De’Nicea participated in a Tampa Bay WBC Mastermind group that helped her create new goals, restructure her business, gain new clients and launch a new product line. De’Nicea shared, “The Tampa Bay WBC Mastermind coach asked just the right questions to get me to think about things in another way or to break the really giant steps into smaller pieces that made it seem easier to handle. Her ideas and encouragement of the whole group was wonderful.” As a result of the Mastermind group experience, DeNicea saw an increase in revenue and brand awareness. Thank you Wells Fargo for the generous grant to make this possible.

Learn more:

Sarah Uys
Earthchild Adornments

Sarah Uys started her business, Earthchild Adornments, out of necessity. While living in her car having escaped a bad marriage, Sarah used what little money she had to purchase a leather coat that she used as material to create a purse. After many years of only making enough money for food and rent, Sarah was encouraged to reach out to the Tampa Bay WBC to gain insight as to how to scale her business and develop a solid marketing strategy. Since working with her coach Sarah, has seen an increase in sales, expanded her business, and gained additional resources. Their business coach introduced them to a SWOT analysis which was a game changer for their business. Sarah shared, “It helped us see the problems with our current approach and gave us a good metric for evaluating all our myriad of other ideas to decide which ones were worth pursuing. Our coach was kind and encouraging. She allowed us to come to our own conclusions by asking us the right questions. She directed us to resources and was proactive about following up and keeping us accountable.” Thank you to Wells Fargo for making the grant possible to provide coaching for our clients.

Learn more:


Rachel Keller
Keller Creative

Rachel Keller, owner of Keller Creative LLC, an interior design company obsessed with intentional details that create a space that positively impacts her client’s mental health. Rachel reached out to the WBC with only a business name and determination.  While working with her coach, Rachel established her business as an LLC. Keller Creative LLC has now been featured in the Lakeland Ledger as her first business feature! The Tampa Bay WBC has given Rachel the confidence, preparation, and leadership she needed to successfully soar within her business!

Rachel shared, “My coach helped elevate my ideas and even challenged me to consider things I wasn’t. She  helped ensure I had properly filed for my LLC, EIN and helped me with my marketing and PR plans. I am so grateful for everything I have learned during my time with my coach at the TBWBC and I encourage every business woman to take advantage of this program. They will not regret it!” Thank you Wells Fargo for providing the generous grant to offer coaching services to our clients.  

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Christina Shrive
Closer Creations

Christina Shrive is the owner of Closer Creations LLC, a marketing consulting business that provides unconventional and made-to-order marketing strategies for businesses that want to accelerate growth and generate customer retention. Christina sought out the Tampa Bay WBC for guidance to transition her retail business into a marketing consulting business without damaging the brand’s integrity. Christina worked closely with her Tampa Bay WBC business coach to create strategies to gain new clients.  Together they also increased revenue by implementing a pricing plan that keeps fair prices for customers while also increasing business revenue.

Christina shared this about her coach, “She was amazing! Her business experience history directly related to what I was trying to do, and I can’t imagine there being a better coach I could have been paired up with. Among other notable things: she was highly responsive, very professional, full of valuable information, and just an all-around pleasure to work with.” Christina’s business has taken off and to give back, she joined the Tampa Bay WBC as a business coach and webinar presenter. For more information about Closer Creations LLC please visit:

Cassaundra Beard 
Closer Cr Pink Butterfly

Cassaundra Beard is the owner of Pink Butterfly Bush LLC, which is a Tampa-based holistic feminine wellness company that focuses on herbal healing. The Pink was established in February of 2020, at the wake of the pandemic and was built with the intent of providing a safe, sanitary, and tranquil space to release negative energy, boost confidence, and promote mental health. Cassaundra reached out to the WBC seeking business coaching to help keep her growing business on track with marketing and financial planning.

Cassaundra’s coach was able to help her gain new clients, increase revenue as well as increase exposure. Cassaundra shared this about her coach, “My mentor opened my eyes to a number of possibilities and methods to achieve my goals.” For more information about Pink Butterfly Bush LLC please visit:

Success Story Sara Roman

Katherine Rice
Poetic Change


There is no doubt that art can break barriers. It can help us understand different cultures, and it can help us see the world in a new way.  The Tampa Bay Women’s Centre provided Katherine with the initial setup funding by way of a $500 grant in 2014. This assisted in paying for the incorporation, website and copyright fees and paved the way for Poetic Change to receive future grants. Her Tampa Bay WBC coach helped to increase brand awareness for Poetic Change. Katherine received encouragement and confidence in her business through her coaching sessions.  

My coach was one of the first people to believe in me. It is because of her that Poetic Change exists. She helped me develop my first pitch video and I am grateful for her empowering me to be confident in my idea.”

Poetic Change Inc. believes that art can break down barriers and build bridges between people. They continue on a mission to use their platform to promote social good and help create a more just and equitable world.

Ilse Chiri
Lil Cutie Diaper Cakes


Ilse’s company Lil Cutie Diaper Cakes makes one-of-a-kind custom made diaper cakes for a unique memorable gift for an expecting mother. The diaper cake is meant to be a delightful gift and a centerpiece all in one. Ilse contacted the Tampa Bay WBC to assist her with marketing and financial resources for her business.  Through working with her coach, Isle was able to build brand awareness and secure future grants for the ongoing success of her business. Her company Lil Cutie Diaper Cakes was able to see a significant boost in its customer base as well as form a unique approach to establishing brand identity.

“Working with my Tampa Bay WBC coach helped me register my LLC on Sunbiz and explained so many basic business terms. I learned the key differences between sales and marketing.” Isle worked closely with her business coach to apply for a First Horizon Business grant and won second place. Through her work with the Tampa Bay WBC, Isle focuses on branding, customer service and sales strategies in to help her grow and expand her business.

Sarah Roman
iCommunity Multiservices LLC

Sarah Román is the owner of iCommunity Multiservices LLC, a document preparation service where their mission is to provide inclusive translation and interpretation services. iCommunity provides the growing Hispanic population in Florida services to address legal transactions using alternative ways to access the law system. Sara was able to take advantage of the workshops and counseling that the WBC offers. Together Sara and her coach were able to complete the incorporation and registration process which helped to expand her business.

Today Sarah Román continues to be a member of the WBC. Sara shared, “Working with my business coach helped me to achieve my dreams of small business ownership. My coach helped to guide me on the steps to take to launch and grow my business. She was amazing and exactly what I needed to move my business forward. Thank you Tampa Bay WBC!”. For more information about iCommunity Multiservices LLC, follow notarypublictampa on Instagram to learn more.

Angel Schakleford
Buss Down Scrub Down Cleaning Services

Angel Shackleford is the owner of Buss Down Scrub Down Cleaning Services. Angel reached out to the Women’s Business Centre for help in obtaining new contracts, clients, and to increase exposure. Together Angel and her coach were able to increase revenue, expand the business, as well as gaining new resources to the point where Angel was able to hire help to tackle the new incoming clients.

Angel shared this about her coach, “So far I am so happy, she is what I call the 3 P’S: prompt, professional, and polite.” Through the help of her coach and the expansion of the business she has been able to become fully independent. Thank you TD Charitable Grant to help female entrepreneurs succeed. For more information on Buss Down Scrub Down Cleaning Services reach out to Angel through her business email address:

Melly Gonzalez
Melly Celebration

Melly Gonzalez is the owner of Melly Celebration, which provides balloon décor for all types of events, such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, and more. Melly reached out to the Women’s Business Centre at the beginning of 2020 as events were being canceled due to COVID 19, she was searching for a way to promote her business, specifically on social media.

Together, Melly and her coach were able to gain new customers, increase revenue, and increase exposure of the business. Melly says this about her coach, “She provided great coaching and consulting sessions that helped my business grow and get more clients through social media. I have no words to thank her for all the timely advice to make my business the success that it is today. I am busy every weekend!” Thank you Wells Fargo for the grant to help female entrepreneurs succeed. For more information on Melly Celebration, please visit:

Arlidian Pearson
Pearson Workforce Solutions

Arlidian Pearson is the owner of Pearson Workforce Solutions, a recruitment firm and career development business. Pearson Workforce Solutions works with job seekers and employers to bridge the gap in communication by empowering job seekers to take their careers into their own hands. Arlidian reached out to the WBC in the heat of COVID looking for advice while waiting for the work force to open once again. Arlidian’s coach was able to help her in her journey of becoming a career coach and sharpened her skills of resume writing.

Arlidian attended online workshops and was able to increase revenue, expand the business, and complete a business plan with the help of her coach. Arlidian has this to say about her coach, “She was great and always encouraged me to keep going and helped me to pivot when it was needed to make some changes to grow the business.” Thank you Wells Fargo for the grant to assist female entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of small business ownership. For more information on Pearson Workforce Solutions please visit:

Tanetha Fisher
Owner, Leading Lavishly

Tanetha Fisher is the owner of Leading Lavishly, a public relations image agency that helps lifestyle service based businesses attract ideal and higher paying clients. Tanetha is opening a new pilates studio in Channelside. She had a lot of questions about marketing, business planning, and general business tasks. She reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre looking to improve her business, and obtain assistance with business messaging and marketing. Working with her Tampa Bay WBC coach, she was able to create a marketing plan that helped her to fine tune her messaging and outreach. As a result, she began attracting clients and increased her revenue and exposure. Her business coach shared online and local business resources that helped to grow her business.  Through the Tampa Bay WBC, she received coaching and mentoring to help keep her motivated and less stressed about starting up her business. Tanetha had this to say about her business coach, “She is incredible, caring, and an amazing listener. She is so resourceful in ways I couldn’t imagine.”  Thank you to TD Charitable Foundation grant for the generous grant to help female entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay realize their entrepreneurial dreams. For more information on Leading Lavishly, please visit:



Sarah Chaves
Owner, BodyBar

Sarah Chaves is the owner of BodyBar, a Pilates studio in downtown Tampa that offers reformer Pilates classes in a classic yet modern way that caters to all skill levels. Sarah signed her business agreement in May of 2021 when Covid was still high.  So, she took about a year to open due to the labor and supply shortages, inflation, and construction delays. Sarah reached out to the WBC for assistance with the loan process and marketing ideas, also she wanted to have someone to talk to about some of the issues that she had faced while opening the studio. 

As a result of the program and working with her coach, Sarah was able to resolve the problems she was faced with while in the process of opening a new business, and she gained additional resources through the WBC. Sarah had this to say about her business coach, “She has advised me in so many areas such as: lease signing, loan and grant options, marketing initiatives, staffing goals, and general business advice.  Overall, she is someone I can talk to when I just feel lost, and I always feel better after speaking with her.  The Centre has helped me tremendously with my business goals and objectives.” Thank you to Wells Fargo for the generous grant to help female entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay realize their entrepreneurial dreams. For more information on BodyBar, please visit:

Colette Delangre
Owner, Rare Body Studio

Colette is the owner of Rare Body Studio, a Pilates studio located in downtown St. Petersburg. During the pandemic Colette relocated her studio from Manhattan, NY to downtown St. Petersburg, FL because most of her clientele moved away from NYC as a result of the pandemic. Colette reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre in 2021 for guidance on what to do next with her thriving small business.
Colette’s business coach was able to give her advice on the best strategies for Rare Body Studio. “Meeting with my coach helped me to expand my services in St. Petersburg, FL and offer not only just reformer Pilates classes, but also offer Hot Mat Pilates and Cold plunge. As a result, I was able to create plans to eventually move into a larger studio space and set realistic goals. Thank you to TD Charitable Foundation grant for the generous grant to help female entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay realize their entrepreneurial dreams.
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Georgia Sylvester

Owner, The Evolve Collection 

Georgia Sylvester is the owner of The Evolve Collection an online store selling multifunctional activewear for dance, yoga, Pilates and strength training. As a former dancer and choreographer, she wanted to create a line of clothing that catered to dancers and active women who are evolving physically to strengthen their overall well-being. As she was finishing up an online business course at University of Massachusetts, Georgia needed help to go over the necessary steps to create the business. She reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre for help to launch her online retail store.

Georgia worked with her Tampa Bay WBC business coach to put together a 3-year plan, set-up logistics and develop a growth mindset that has allowed for Georgia to think of various goals ahead. She had this to say about her experience, “In the beginning, I didn’t even have a business name and now here I am just a few months away from launching my online store.  I couldn’t even accomplish what I did if I didn’t have expert guidance from my Tampa Bay WBC business coach”.  Keep an eye out for The Evolve Collection’s website, which is set to launch in 2023. Thank you to the TD Charitable Foundation grant for helping to make Georgia’s dream of owning a business into a reality.

Sandra Coliny

 Founder of Coliny Consulting, LLC

Sandra Coliny is the founder of Coliny Consulting, LLC, which is a one-of-a-kind consulting firm that specializes in health education, particularly for children. Coliny Consulting educates, equips, and empowers children to take responsibility for their own health & safety through evidenced-based child-centered educational principles and teaching methods, visual presentations, live demonstrations, and health education handouts/resources. After resigning from her corporate job in 2022, Sandra sought the help of the WBC to gain important knowledge and insight about various business-related topics such as creating a business plan, assessing business goals, guidance with business growth tasks, etc.

Sandra had this to say about the WBC, “My Tampa Bay WBC business coach helped guide me on the steps to complete my business plan. She kept me accountable and helped me clarify my vision and goals for my business. In addition, she provided innovative business growth strategies and motivated me to expand my mindset/reach beyond my original plans. Through the Tampa Bay WBC, I was given the opportunity to be a panelist for Local Stories Live: Kick Start a New Business, organized by the Entrepreneurial Collaborative Center of Hillsborough County.”  This experience helped Sandra to connect with people outside of her network and gained additional insight on tactic for business growth. Thank you to Wells Fargo for the generation grant donation to help female entrepreneurs like Sandra realize their dream of business ownership.  For more information on Coliny Consulting, LLC please visit:



Adi Kaplan

Owner, Facial Healing by Adi 

Adi Kaplan is the owner of Facial Healing by Adi, She is a holistic facialist that works on your face while healing your body by using facial reflexology, facial cupping, Gua Sha and more. Adi reached out to the Women’s Business Centre as she was a new business owner and needed advice on how to run a business as she was focusing mainly on treatments. After reaching out to the Tampaa Bay WBC, Adi was partnered up with a business coach who helped her gain new clients, increased awareness and exposure, and completed her business plan. Adi had this to say about her business coach, “She was a perfect fit. Very understanding and always open to listening. Starting a new business is difficult and especially when you come from out of the country so she made me ‘look my business in the eyes’ and make sure that I am taking it on a path that fits my goals and needs!”. Thank you Wells Fargo for the gaant to help female entrepreneurs realize their dreams. To learn more about of Facial Healing by Adi, please visit:

Sarah Phinney

Owner, Sarah’s Walking Club  

Sarah Phinney is the owner of Sarah’s Walking Club, an outdoor adventure company that helps locals discover the beauty of the Tampa Bay area through walking and kayaking adventures, visiting new places, making new friends, and staying healthy. Sarah started her business in May 2022 with no prior experience. Through watching other family members run their own business ventures, she knew that understanding the financial side of a business was essential, but she just couldn’t quite figure out where to start. Sarah contacted the Tampa Bay WBC for guidance.

Sarah attended our “Bookkeeping Basics” webinar, led by a Tampa Bay WBC coach. After the webinar, she connected with the coach to learn about Quickbooks, bookkeeping and business finances. Sarah had this to say about her coach, “Not only does she have the patience of a saint, but you can also feel her warm and friendly personality through the video call. That’s a talent in itself! I truly appreciate that she never made me feel judged for my lack of knowledge, worked through the absolute basics with me, explained things in a way I could understand, and she gave me homework after each session so we could continue to make progress with my QuickBooks account.” For more information about Sarah’s Walking Club, please visit:

Cassandra Smalley

Owner, Cassandra Smalley Wealth Manaagement

Cassandra Smalley is the owner of Cassandra Smalley Wealth Management, a virtual, woman-led financial planning and wealth management practice in St. Petersburg. The firm takes a modern relationship approach to the financial planning process, focused on inclusion and elevating women’s voices at the financial table. As a new business owner, Cassandra was looking for guidance and strategies as she launched her firm, especially in the areas of networking, social media, and speaking opportunities to bring her message to a wider audience.  So, Cassandra reached out to the Tampa Bay WBC for assistance.

The Tampa Bay WBC and her coach were able to help Cassandra through the launch phase of the firm. They focused on messaging, reviewed the website, discussed networking and social media strategies, and finding speaking opportunities. Cassandra said that the business coaching  kept her motivated and focused on my goals. “My coach was able to guide me through a range of logistical concerns like setting up a DBA and making sure my social media profiles were consistent, to bigger goals like landing speaking opportunities and finding new networks to share my message. As a solopreneur, it was beneficial to have someone to bounce around ideas but also keep me focused on the vision for the business.” To learn more about Cassandra Smalley Wealth Management please visit:

Shavon Filmore

Owner, Vondiva Designz 

Shavon Filmore is the owner of Vondiva Designz, a Tampa-based small business that sells handcrafted jewelry through their website. Each piece is unique and is made from a variety of materials such as silver, gold, glass beads, crystal beads and more. The one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry offers unique, beaded jewelry that can’t be found anywhere else. Shavon reached out to the Tampa Bay WBC when COVID began to shut down outdoor markets and she needed to pivot her business to find a different way to get her jewelry in front of potential customers. She needed help growing her online presence. Shavon attended  the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre free business education webinars and worked with a business coach to help her strategize about the new direction of her business. 

Shavon’s Tampa Bay WBC coach guided her on how to build a business plan and provided Shavon with different business resources. Shavon had this to say about her coach “She is a very sweet person and we would brainstorm different ways that my business could potentially pivot. She also held me accountable throughout the process”.  Thank you Wells Fargo for the grant that enables the Tampa Bay WBC to provide entrepreneurial services. For more information on Vondiva Designz visit her website:

Tonja McNair

Owner, Beyond the Veil Life Coach

Tonja McNair is the owner of Beyond The Veil Life Coach, which helps to bring encouragement, guidance and clarity to people. She helps people discover their purpose and figure out where they fit in the present time by asking the right questions. She has a way of sharing fresh ideas to her clients, and this imparts confidence. She is also the author of the book, “Evolve to Vitality”. Tonja reached out to the Tampa Bay WBC to help increase her brand awareness in the Tampa Bay community.  

Tonja had this to say about her business coach and the Women’s Business Centre “I was able to prioritize which direction to go in and focus on my goals. My coach was very gentle in her approach advising me on creating a business plan.”  Thank you Wells Fargo for providing the generous grant to offer coaching services to our clients.  

For more information about Beyond the Veil Life Coaching and Tonja’s new book Evolve To Vitality, please visit:

Julie Williamson 

Owner, Coach Julie Williamson, LLC 

Julie Williamson owns and operates Coach Julie Williamson, LLC. She is a health and fitness coach who specializes in working with women over the age of 50. Julie is a certified health and active aging coach and a certified exercise instructor for over 25 years. Coach Julie wants to show that exercising is not just for weight loss but for leading a healthier lifestyle. Clients focus on active aging by including more physical activity into their lifestyle. Coach Julie provides one-on-one virtual sessions with tailored nutrition and exercise plans for her clients.
Julie reached out to the TBWBC looking for assistance with marketing strategies and how to bring more exposure to her business. The Tampa Bay WBC coach was able to guide Julie through various marketing strategies to promote her business by reviewing social media platforms and her website. Through the encouragement of her coach, Julie reached out to a local television show “Going Places” with Ricc Rollins and was invited to participate in a segment about active aging. The TV show was so happy about the segment that Julie has been asked back to do monthly fitness segments. Julie shared, “Working with my business coach was awesome! She always seems so excited when I share my “wins” with her and she has so much wisdom that she shared with me to help my business grow”.

For more information about Coach Julie please visit:

Candace Williams

Owner, Cyb(H)er Ally 

The mission of Cyb(H)er Ally is to empower and encourage women to pursue successful careers in cybersecurity. Candance is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals of underrepresented backgrounds and experiences can succeed and thrive in a cybersecurity career. After experiencing a setback with her first business attempt, Candace didn’t give up and recognized the need for additional expertise and guidance to ensure the success of her new venture. She contacted the Tampa Bay WBC to learn more  about the specifics of managing a business.

Candace shared about her experience working with the Tampa Bay WBC, “The business coaching sessions played a pivotal role in providing me with the clarity and direction that I’d sought for my business. Working with my business coach was an enriching, transformative experience that left a significant imprint on my entrepreneurial journey that included improving my leadership skills, resiliency muscles and personal accountability. From our very first meeting, it was evident that my coach possessed a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be invaluable to me.” From designing comprehensive cybersecurity products to crafting strategic business operations, she found the guidance that she needed shape the foundation of her business. Thanks to Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, Candace was able to turn a past failure into a present success story.

To learn more, please visit:



Sherell Wilson

Owner, Beyond College Access, LLC

Beyond College Access offers a range of services and resources designed to help educational organizations meet challenges head-on. They work closely with practitioners in higher education and partners in K-12 and non-profit sectors to provide evidence-based strategies that help students navigate the complexities of college life and provide the support they need to thrive. Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused colleges and universities nationwide to quickly pivot to online teaching, learning, and research. This directly impacted business development opportunities for Beyond College Access.

Sherell contacted the Tampa Bay WBC to help her to refine her business plan and launch the new business. She worked closely with her business coach to complete the business plan, strategize ways to increase brand awareness and expand her social media platforms. Her coach also guided her in applying for the PPP loan to help her business during the pandemic. Sherell shared, “Thank you to The Tampa Bay WBC for providing resources and training that helped me to build my business plan. The feedback was very helpful. The check-in from my coach to see if assistance was needed with the PPP loan application was appreciated. Lastly, just the cheer on the business’ social media pages was motivating.”. Thank you to Wells Fargo for the grant to support female entrepreneurs through the pandemic and providing the pathway for them to thrive. To learn more about Beyond College Access, please visit:

Mesha Williams

Creative Director, id Dessigns & Co.

Mesha created her business as a forward-thinking interior design studio committed to revolutionizing mental wellness through innovative inclusive interior design solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. She launched the custom furniture design business at the onset of the pandemic. Due to soaring material costs, she was merely breaking even. Recognizing the need to adapt and with a genuine love for decoration and design, she pivoted and wanted to start a full-service interior design firm.  However, she was unsure of where to start. She joined the Tampa Bay WBC Mastermind group which brought a small group of entrepreneurs together to brainstorm business challenges and opportunities and share like-minded business experiences.  

Williams shared, “The Tampa Bay WBC Mastermind group was exactly what I needed. I knew my goals and the need to shift my brand, but I didn’t know how to start or plan my business. Our Mastermind group coach provided invaluable feedback and insights for all our businesses. By the end of the Mastermind group, the confidence I acquired was priceless. I formulated my business plan, recognized my capabilities, and learned how to network in business.” As a result of participating in the Tampa Bay WBC Mastermind class, she utilized her business plan and started applying for grants. She was successful and received the “Leave Your Mark x Norby Brand Builder” grant. To learn more about Mesha and id Designs & Co, please visit: