The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

In our final webinar of the series, The Centre for Women presents a topic on the gift of imperfect parenting. About this event Every parent wants what's best for their child. We scramble to figure it out, doing the best we can to either avoid or replicate what we experienced growing up. We search to […]

Manage Personal Credit & Your Business Credit

Learn how your personal and business credit scores may affect funding opportunities. Understanding one’s personal credit and the steps to improve it,  how to establish your business and build credit over time, and how one’s business and personal credit can affect one’s ability to borrow capital and manage their cash flow.


SBA: Crédito Personal y Crédito Comercial

Descubra cómo sus puntajes crediticios personales y comerciales pueden afectar las oportunidades de financiamiento. Cómo comprender el crédito personal y los pasos para mejorarlo, cómo establecer su negocio y crear crédito a lo largo del tiempo y cómo el crédito comercial personal puede afectar la capacidad de pedir prestado capital y administrar su flujo de […]


Strategic Planning & Goal Setting for Working Moms

We will look at the tests and triumphs working mothers encounter while juggling multiple demands. About this event Shereka Nicole is the CEO & Founder of Premier Moms where they work to support and promote working moms and those in school. She is also a Mom Talk Live radio host. She completed her Bachelor's degree […]

C.H.A.T. Your Way to Success

Be an Influential and Inspiring Communicator. Learn how to maximize your communication, your marketing, and your presentations by leveraging all four distinct communication styles.


Access to Capital to Export

Learn about resources and programs that are available to help U.S. Businesses to export. If you are a startup-up, or an established business, do not miss this opportunity to learn about resources and programs that are available to help U.S. Businesses to export.


Mental Health and Money Matters

Garner tools to change your outcomes fiscally and physically. During this session we will discuss the relationship between your personal finances and emotional health. Attendees will learn about adverse effects of low self esteem, how this 'thinking disorder' can easily escalate to anxiety and depression, and ways to shift away from that mindset.


Email Copywriting Essentials

Learn how to write compelling emails that engage and convert customers. Email marketing still has one of the highest return on investment (ROI) of all marketing channels, but businesses struggle to provide enough value in their emails to make their readers want to take action. This workshop will review strategies and tactics to help you […]


Financing Your Business: Q&A with Bankers

Discussion of financing alternatives for businesses, with an emphasis on SBA Lending. There are many alternatives for financing a business. We will discuss some of the options available to businesses looking for financing. We will take a deeper dive into SBA loans- benefits, documents required, and process. This Webinar is presented by: First Home Bank


Web Development Roadmap for Small Businesses

Learn tips from a web developer to help your website look professional. In this webinar we will cover: What elements to include in your website How to make sure your website looks professional How to foster customer interaction SEO basics and more!