Success Stories

We are proud to share the wonderful success stories of some of our clients. One day a dream for a business may evolve into something amazing. Our business coaches work closely with each and every client to ensure that they are able to access the tools that they need to succeed and set SMART goals to achieve all of the steps needed to cross the finish line into a successful business. 

Esther Nelson
Owner, Luxury Lotus Spa

 Esther Nelson is the owner of Luxury Lotus Spa that provides facials, nails, waxing, and body treatments. During the pandemic, she worked closely with the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (TBWBC) for help to apply for grants and COVID Impact loans including the City of Tampa Relief Fund, PayPal, EIDL, and PPP loans. In addition, her TBWBC counselor provided guidance on her business plan, her presence on social media, and expanding her services from brick-and-mortar into new virtual platforms.  As a result, Ms. Nelson gained confidence as an entrepreneur and will publish her first book in October 2020 entitled, The Ultimate Self-Care Guide to help women feel beautiful inside and out. 

Anna Imani 
Owner, Studio 210 Salon

Anna Imani is the owner of Studio 210 Salon and has been a client of the Tampa Women’s Business Centre since April of 2020.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna was required to completely shut down her Salon for a period and subsequently reduce the number of customers in her salon to comply with CDC guidelines.  Through the business coaching services offered by the Tampa Bay WBC CARES Program, Anna was able to get the help she needed to successfully apply for, and receive, a PPP Loan and a Hillsborough County R3 grant.  Thank you Anna for reaching out to us and congratulations! 

Terry White
Owner, Cashew Brittle by Son’ni Boi & Petal, Inc.

Terry White is the owner of Cashew Brittle by Son’ni Boi & Petal, Inc., a gourmet handcrafted cashew brittle candy company.  Their mission is to create delicious treats with all-natural ingredients that customers find unforgettable. Ms. White contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre to help her with marketing and branding initiatives.  The expert business coaches at the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre guided her through a rebranding process that resulted in an increase in revenue which was especially helpful to Ms. White during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jorgie Franks Bells
Owner, Jorgie, Inc.

Jorgie Inc. is a service-based company that supports and serves introvert and ambivert entrepreneurs by helping them use relationship building and authentic connections to increase their sales and grow their business.  At the height of the pandemic, Jorgie Franks-Bell lost all but two of her clients because her major source of income was generated from in-person events. Under the guidance of TBWBC team, she focused on pivoting her business into new revenue streams which resulted in an increase in her sales from $1,500 to $6,000 per month. The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre provided Ms. Franks-Bell with excellent branding guidance and assisted her with the application process for the EIDL and PPP loans.

Nichole Lancaster
Owner, V-Line Spa

Nichole Lancaster is the owner of VLine Women. Prior to Covid, all of her sales were from retail locations. The pandemic caused a steep decline in her retail sales due to the closure of spas which carried her line of products. She contacted the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre to help her pivot and launch an e-commerce line. Most of her sales were from retail locations and she needed to transition online. With the help of her coach from the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, she applied for the EIDL loan and received $29,000 and the PPP loan, which she received $9,000. Her business coach also helped her with goal setting, timelines and accountability to her business goals.

Deana Jolliff
Owner of Total Compass Care, LLC.

Total Compass Care, LLC provides the highest quality of assisted living options for adults faced with medical health care problems. Deana Jolliff, the owner of Total Compass Care, created the company from her experience in the health care industry, her own personal battle with epilepsy and her personal experience with providing care for family members.  Ms. Jolliff shared, “My staff and I attended a networking mixer hosted by TBWBC and made a lot of connections. The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre was instrumental with developing our business plan. With the help of our business coach, we wrote the business plan, submitted it to AHCA and obtained our agency license”. The one-on-one business coaching sessions helped Ms. Jolliff understand the components of a business plan and provided other ideas for business expansion. Total Compass Care, LLC recently opened a new community living home.

Michelle Leoni
President of Howard Printing & Co-founder of Howard Machining

Michelle Leoni is the President of Howard Imprinting Machine, manufacturer of hot stamping machines and the Co-Founder of Howard Machining, a company focused in providing CNC precision machining services. Due to the challenging times of the pandemic, Michelle reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre for assistance with marketing initiatives and financial guidance through the WBC Cares program. Working closely with her business coach, she applied for LISC Small Business Relief (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) and the Hillsborough County assistance program where she received $20,000 besides many suggestions to improve advertisement and marketing strategies.

Sabine Juste
Owner, Sabine’s Gout Creole

Sabine Juste is the owner of Sabine’s Gout Creole, a takeout restaurant made up of the finest Haitian Cuisine coupled with many traditional American favorites, located in Tampa, Florida. Despite being a takeout restaurant, Sabine Gout Creole experienced a drastic drop in sales at one point as a result of the pandemic. The advice of the Women’s Business Centre and their team of experts helped Mrs. Juste to build confidence, create a vision for her business and develop marketing initiatives through UberEats, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. As a result, her profits increased and she was able to apply for COVID-19 Relief funds such as PPP, EIDL Advance, and the One Tampa Relief Fund. 

Lesley Young
Owner/Producer, Greyline Media 

Greyline Media is a full-service production company with a goal to deliver a superior quality product to their clients. Owner/Producer Lesley Young said the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (WBC) has been a tremendous resource as I’m learning to grow in my new business. Not only has she put me in touch with influential women in the industry, but she has also challenged me to think outside of the box when it comes to business.” Young said the WBC offers a wide range of connections to put any female entrepreneur on the path for success.  Whether it’s book recommendations or providing an owner with valuable resources to grow, rest assured has your specific needs in mind when offering solutions.”   

Myiesha “Mya” Cato
CEO of Meeyogi  

Myiesha “Mya” Cato is the CEO of Meeyogi, a Tampa-based yoga company offering events and private sessions. As a result of the pandemic, Mya reached out to the Women’s Business Centre in Tampa. She said: “It was perfect timing to partner with a business counselor at the WBC. Our 1-on-1 mentoring helped me navigate through the unknown. The business has made it through one of the most difficult periods ever. We have acquired more funding, more partnerships, and a new business model.

Dominique James, Owner
Press Playy Rolling Video Games

Press Playy Rolling Video Games is the hottest entertainment option available in Central Fl. With SEVEN high-def TVs, custom stadium seats & the newest video games, their high-tech game truck is perfect for up to 24 guests to enjoy a birthday, church gathering, corporate event, karaoke night and so much more.  

Dominique confirmed The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre (WBC) has been a tremendous help. She shared, “I speak to my consultant every 2 weeks who keeps me accountable and provides knowledgeable experience on the steps I should be taking as a business owner.”

With the support of The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, Dominique completed her registration as a minority-owned business; received economic relief from the EIDL, and gained insight into how to market and promote her business.  As a result of the economic relief and mentoring Dominique is able to Press Playy on her dream.

Danielle Sweet
Owner, Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness

Danielle Sweet is the owner of Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness, a yoga studio and massage spa that provides a safe environment in a spiritually grounded setting for people interested in growth, healing, and community. Ms. Sweet purchased a non-essential business during the wake of COVID-19. Due to safe social distance protocols, she had to limit their capacity by 25%, which dramatically affected her revenues.

The Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre was instrumental in helping Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness generate new sources of income and collaborate with other businesses such as its new massage partner, Healing Handz & Body Work.  Our business consultant’s expertise in social media assisted Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness to grow its following and drive new clients to the business.

Tashima Johnson
Owner, TJC International

Tashima Johnson is the owner of TJC International and has been a client of The Women’s Business Centre since May of 2020. TJC International launched in 2017 and provides a platform for small business owners to network and showcase their products. The COVID-19 pandemic made hosting in-person events all but impossible. Tashima reached out to the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre CARES program and was able to get the help she needed to obtain an EIDL and a local Hillsborough County grant. Thanks to the WBC CARES Program, Tashima has been able to sustain her business throughout the pandemic.