Overwhelmed?  You may feel as if there is little that you actually have control over right now - including employment.  With more and more companies laying employees off or decreasing their hours - one thing to keep in my is "Don't stop searching"!

Immediate income and financial stability is what is priority at this point for most people. There are many companies that are hiring for in home/remote jobs. Below is a link to help you find the best remote job boards and job search engines.  Here you can take a look at full and part time remote/telecommuting jobs in every industry.

The Centre for Women will continue to be here to help provide you with resources to help you  with "Navigating through Uncertainty".



From start to finish, our counselors help participants develop their career plans, address emotional issues which may impact employment, build problem-solving skills to help overcome logistical obstacles, prepare resumes and provide referrals to land the right job.


  • Women & Men*

  • Employment Counseling

  • Job Referral & Placement

  • Resume Assistance & Interviewing Techniques

  • Personal & Professional Development Workshops



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Employers seeking exceptional candidates to work for their company can find them here!
Here is a list of our qualified candidates’ occupations.  We are looking to get them hired today!

Mental Health Therapist
Systems Analyst
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Scheduler
Human Resource Manager
Administrative Assistant
Bi-Lingual Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Customer Service Representative
Commercial Cleaner
Retail Sales Associate
Retail Support Specialist
Medical Administrative Support
Ambulance Driver
Emergency Medical Technician
Pre-School Teacher/Nanny
Middle School Teacher (Mathematics)
Mail Room Clerk
Nursing Assistant
Social Worker
Payroll Clerk
Commercial Cleaner
Fast Food Cook and Food Prep
Food Server
Data Entry

Please contact our Employment Services office at (813) 251-8437 ext. 224.