Mastering Motivation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated? Perhaps you lack a sense of clarity or purpose? If so, this workshop is for you. Participants will learn the power of mental conditioning, and the specifics of how to unleash their sense of purpose and motivation, including: • The mental formula behind motivation • How our beliefs form […]


Deep Dive into Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office presents this webinar guiding you through the intermediate features of Excel formatting, functions, and accessibility. Attendees taking this course should have a strong understanding of Excel’s basic features, navigation, functions, and custom formulas. Objectives: • Expand knowledge of notable functions in Excel • Understand a wide variety of cell formatting to manipulate and […]


High Skill, High Wages : An Introduction to HCC’s Training Center

The Centre for Women and HCC is hosting a webinar on certifications and workforce training. Learn about high wage jobs and skills! About this Event Are you curious about alternative workforce opportunities but not sure what trainings are offered or how long you need training for? Join our discussion to get the information you need […]

Treasury Management: Increasing Productivity & Optimizing Cash Flow

Learn how to optimize cash flow and drive profitability on this Wise Women Wednesday in order to create a successful business. About this Event Increasing productivity, optimizing cash flow, and driving profitability are all keys to a successful business. Treasury management provides the tools necessary to unlock your treasure chest of solutions to help get […]

How to Build an Ecommerce Website

Join Square eCommerce specialist Martin Guerrero to walk you through how to build an online shopping page for your retail business using Square Online and Weebly. Leaving the webinar you’ll be able to create a fully functional website that will be ready to sell products, process credit cards, select shipping capabilities and market your website.


Show me the money – Financing Options for your Business

This class discusses the multiple sources of capital for starting and growing a small business. The pros and cons of the funding sources are also reviewed. Topics to be discussed include familiar options such as self-financing, funding from friends & family, and partnerships. Other sources are reviewed such as: • Small Business Loans • SBA […]


How to Protect your Small Business from Internal and External Fraud

Learn from two experts how to protect yourself and your business from fraud on this special Wise Women Wednesday! About this Event Fraud schemes and scams are on the rise and the increased use of digital communications makes businesses more vulnerable than ever. Learn how to protect your business and clients from being victimized. This […]

Increase your presence and followers on Instagram

Learn more about: - How often you should post to maximize engagement with your followers. - How to properly use hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. - How storytelling on social media helps you to increase brand awareness, reach and attract new followers. - Instagram captions and how the captions can help you […]


Make Your Website Work for You – Google

Learn how to create a search-friendly website that drives user action and supports your goals. In this webinar we'll cover: what type of design works best for your organization, how to create a website that drives toward your business goals, how to make your website more search-friendly on Google, and more.


Federal Contracting Certification: 8(a)

How do I get started with Government Contracting? I Participants will also be introduced to important websites, and external agencies such as the Procurement Technical Assistance Center(PTAC). Marketing to the government will also be discussed. What is the difference between commercial contracting and government contracting? What is a contract? Is this right for me and […]


MS PowerApps Fundamentals

Microsoft Office presents this webinar guiding you through the features PowerApps. It is a no-code/low-code platform for building apps that builds off concepts such as formulas in an Excel spreadsheet formatting, functions, and accessibility. Attendees taking this course should have a strong understanding of Excel’s basic features, navigation, functions, and custom formulas.


Process Improvement & Working Smarter

How do you improve the work processes in your office or small business? This class focuses on applying “Lean” process improvement to add efficiencies to your business and improve your bottom line potential. Learn ideas about making your work processes flow better, faster, cheaper? We can show you how to apply “Lean” thinking to any […]