If you suddenly lost your job, your spouse, your home or suffered an unimaginable crisis, where would you turn? Where would you find hope?

You know the story of Helen Gordon Davis. She was a powerful champion for women who defied the odds and challenged the status quo to make life better for people across Tampa Bay. She didn’t worry about doing what was popular; she worried about doing what was right.

Nearly four decades ago, in the face of withering criticism, Helen founded the Centre for Women to help women in the community find the resources they need to overcome struggles in their personal and professional lives. She gave them hope. We know you share that commitment to supporting those whose lives have been upended by circumstances beyond their control.




If you’re like most women in our community, you would come to The Centre for Women.

The Centre for Women is your community resource centre. We exist to serve you and the women you know who need help - to provide inspiration, training and support. And, most of all, hope.

Because you know you will receive the support you need to get back on your feet.And you also know that you’ll be treated like a real person, by dedicated, compassionate professionals in a warm, caring environment.







We are so grateful to you for supporting our life-changing programs and meeting critical needs of women in our community.

Your contributions have made it possible for The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women to provide hope and help to more than 80,000 people since our doors first opened nearly 40 years ago.

You are helping our dedicated staff touch the lives of thousands - whether they are single moms facing an urgent need, seniors who need emergency home repairs, women coping with a devastating disease, girls looking for a safe place to explore their interests, or gutsy entrepreneurs seeking to improve their quality of life.