The Legislature late Friday raided the Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund and agreed to eliminate the program as part of something called a conforming bill.  They tied it to Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida.

The founder of The Centre for Women, the late Senator Helen Gordon Davis, led the way in setting up the Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund 40 years ago to help women acquire skills necessary to gain employment and lead financially independent lives.  Hundreds of women have been helped through this program.

We reached out to the Governor in 2014 when he vetoed the line item in the state budget for the Displaced Homemakers.  Our funding was eliminated and it was thankfully restored the following year.

While the term “Displaced Homemakers” may seem passe’ the need for this type of employment counseling is essential for the vulnerable population we serve.  For 40 years, we have been helping women in transition who need the extra support and counseling that they will not find at a one-stop, workforce development agency.

By definition, “Displaced Homemakers” are typically women who have relied on the primary income of their husbands before being divorced or widowed.  Many of the women we serve are mothers of young children.  They come here struggling not just with the loss of income, but also with emotional issues.  They are scared, alone and desperate for help.  And they need jobs.

Through the years the funding we have received for nearly 40 years from The Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund has made this work possible.  Given the scope of the Florida budget, this funding is not substantial but it has significant impacts on our ability to help women find work.  We believed the Trust Fund monies would continue to be used for its original intent.

There is a myth being perpetuated than a one job service can provide these services.  That is simply not the case. Our services provided through the Displaced Homemaker Programs are more in-depth and address the specific needs of eligible clients with wrap-around services including behavior health counseling and short term training that cannot be funded through normal CareerSource Center funds.  We provide a path to self-sufficiency, free of dependence upon government assistance.

The Centre for Women has no political agenda.  You will find our views are as diverse as the issues that impact women. We are focused on our mission to help women in our Florida community to succeed personally and professionally. We have the only SBA-designated Women’s Business Centre on the west coast of Florida.


We are putting women to work.








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