flameThe Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women has launched our own
League of Extraordinary Women, a powerful network of influential and accomplished women who are combining their efforts and resources to help women succeed.

For 40 years economic empowerment has been the mission of The Centre for Women.  We have helped thousands of people across Tampa Bay to succeed personally and professionally. Our mission is to create an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women. Are we there yet? Some of us are, but many more are not.

When Gloria Steinem turned 80, someone asked her if she was ready to pass the torch. She said she wasn’t going to pass the torch, she was going to use hers to light others; if we all have torches, there’s a lot more light.

We know the League will continue to light the way for women across Tampa Bay now and in future.

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And during the year, look for exciting get togethers and events exclusively for League Members.






















crumbley photoChristina Crumbley, RN, MSN is the Chief Operating Officer at Signature HomeNow, a home health company with seven locations across Florida. Christina has 28 years of nursing experience with 24 of those holding leadership positions. She has provided consulting services through her company Tidal Healthcare Consulting, LLC focusing on operational and clinical management. She co-authored a book titled “Becoming a Super Woman: Leadership for Women” and provides women’s leadership training under her brand Commander in Heels. As a teenage single mom turned success story, Christina has a passion for helping educate and empower women to become exceptional leaders.




jeannetateJeanne Trudeau Tate, Esq. is the managing partner of the Law Office of Jeanne T. Tate, PA. Ms. Tate has an extensive and exclusive practice in the area of adoptions and has participated in the placement of over 3,000 children in loving homes. As a member of the prestigious Academy of Adoption and Reproductive Attorneys and The Florida Adoption Council, Jeanne has been active in interstate compact adoptions and has a comprehensive knowledge of adoption law, and owns her own adoption agency, Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc.  Ms. Tate consistently has been named as one of Super Lawyer’s Top 50 Women Lawyers in Florida, The Best Lawyers in America, Florida’s Legal Elite and Florida Super Lawyers and was recognized as an Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption.










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